In election season, we focus a lot on politics - but that's not the same as government.  

As Americans head into the voting booth, enVerid is taking a minute to appreciate some of the agencies that have touched us- a science-based, growing business- directly.

  • The US Department of Energy gathers data, forecasts energy consumption, and drives programs to make our nation more energy efficient and energy independent.
  • The National Renewable Energy Lab partners with the private sector develops new technologies for renewable energy.  
  • NOAA and NASA capture atmospheric, ocean and climate data, including outdoor air and pollution metrics, which we rely on. They also drive climate resilience preparation, a key driver for growing the markets for energy efficient products and services.
  • DARPA invests in core science and technologies, which results in things we all use, like the internet. 
  • Departments of Transportation (State and Federal) provide roads over which our equipment travels. 
  • The GSA tests and implements new technologies that can make buildings more efficient.  
  • The SBA provides grants to small businesses to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • The FDIC protects our bank deposits, and the SEC creates a trusted investment infrastructure.
  • At the federal, state and local level, we appreciate all the educators who provide us with literate, informed and enthusiastic workers and team members.  

Despite the messiness of our politics, our agencies are doing great work.  

Thank you to all the people who serve us everyday.

Happy voting!