Featured Story in HPAC Engineering, by Hal Conick

As he sat in a Washington, D.C., airport terminal, enVerid CEO Udi Meirav wondered how much money could be saved with a simple change.

“The air is good in this terminal because it’s going through expensive efforts to filter it from the outside,” he said. “If you can reduce the amount of air from the outside, you can save costs from filtering all of the jet fuel fumes … You’re talking millions of dollars per year with this technology.”

The technology Meirav was referring to is enVerid’s HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) system, which is designed to save energy when installed with a building’s HVAC system.

The process in most systems involves pulling in and filtering air from the outside. The problem with this, Meirav said, is that it is a tremendous waste of energy, as introducing outside air makes for a much higher heat load and more money spent.

Instead of bringing in outside air, HLR takes air that is already inside, helps clean the carbon dioxide (CO2) and organic gasses released by occupants and rids the air of indoor materials using an intelligent scrubber. This lowers heat load and improves indoor-air quality, minimizing outside air.

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