A landmark public health study by Harvard School of Public Health published on October 26, 2015 concluded that carbon dioxide has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision-making. The results confirm and bolster an older study on the negative impacts of elevated levels of CO2, bringing this issue to the forefront as a concern that must be addressed.

In response to this study, experts have been quoted as saying that increasing ventilation is the answer to managing indoor CO2 levels. This is a wasteful method that will only serve to increase the world’s energy consumption, as outside air needs to be conditioned (heated or cooled) once it is brought into buildings.

A practical and proven approach is enVerid’s HLR® (HVAC Load Reduction) technology. Each HLR module is an ‘intelligent’ indoor air scrubber that cleans the air from CO2 and other contaminants of concern in buildings. This is the only alternative to air replacement that manages CO2 levels.

Stop continuously replacing indoor air to manage carbon dioxide levels. Start cleaning it with enVerid’s HLR to achieve double digit energy savings and indoor air quality that meets ASHRAE standards.