Boston – Feb. 29, 2016 – enVerid Systems, developer of a proven, game-changing system to improve air quality and significantly reduce HVAC energy consumption, today announced it has formed a partnership with New Delhi-based BreatheEasy to bring its award-winning HLR® system to India.

Called “BreatheEasy HLR® powered by enVerid,” the system features a practical, proven technology that improves indoor air quality and delivers double-digit energy cost savings. The module uses patented sorbent technology to remove molecular contaminants from indoor air including CO2, formaldehyde and VOCs, thereby reducing the amount of outside air required to achieve indoor air quality. HLR modules can be easily retrofitted to any existing commercial building or incorporated in new construction.

“We’re pleased to form this partnership with BreatheEasy to offer India an innovative, practical solution to improve indoor air quality and save significant HVAC energy,” said Udi Meirav, CEO of enVerid Systems. “As pioneers in indoor air quality, BreatheEasy is the ideal partner for our expansion into this market.”

“With this new venture, we aim to make our cities smarter and the air we breathe cleaner. This is in line with the startup, ‘Make in India’ campaign & smart cities policies of India,” said Kamal Meattle, CEO of Paharpur Business Centre.

A landmark public health study by Harvard School of Public Health published on Oct. 26, 2015 concluded that carbon dioxide (CO2) has a direct and negative impact on human cognition and decision-making. The study revealed that lowered CO2 levels, when coupled with lower pollutants in buildings, gave 101% higher cognitive scores versus conventional buildings.

“We are very excited to partner with an innovative company like enVerid and introduce the HLR to the Indian market, as we feel this technology can have far reaching consequences to the energy consumption of buildings and, hence, the carbon footprint of the country,” said Barun Agarwal, CEO of BreatheEasy.